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About The Sanctum Tabletop Gaming Emporium

The Sanctum Tabletop Gaming Emporium is Racine's newest Friendly Local Game Store!  After over a year of planning and five months of preparation, we were excited to finally open our doors at 4615 Washington Ave., Racine, on June 11, 2022!

We're pleased to provide an expansive and comfortable atmosphere, to welcome experienced gamers as well as those new to the hobby.  Our over 4,000 square foot retail space offers plenty of room to explore, and our 1,500 square foot play space offers comfortable seating for your game night.

Our mission is to make modern gaming accessible for everyone, with products facing forward and prices displayed on the front as much as possible without covering any important images or information.  We also have a curated selection of 50 board games available to rent for four nights at an accessible cost, and if a new copy of the game is purchased by the renter within a week of return, the purchase cost is discounted by the rental price.  We also offer the opportunity to sell your gently used game(s) and puzzle(s) in our consignment section for store credit.

We are constantly working to improve our selection of games and accessories, but if there's something you're looking for, please let us know!  We hope to see you in the store soon!

Janet and Zac

Janet & Zac Pawlowski - Owners of The Sanctum Tabletop Gaming Emporium