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  • Norse Foundry Boulder 30mm Glass Dice - Frosted K9 Rainbow Glass with Gold Font

Boulder 30mm Glass Dice - Frosted K9 Rainbow Glass with Gold Font

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A New Power. We don’t know what they say about all that glitters. But what we do know is that “all that is rainbow-colored is better than gold”. With the frosted K9 rainbow glass die, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Infused with the essence of a Prismatic Dragon’s rainbow breath, this die boasts an iridescent shimmer with a luxurious, icy finish. Designed to subtly reflect all the colors of the rainbow, these RPG dice grab all the attention every time you roll them. The durable, hardy K9 glass is resistant to wear and tear caused by rolling and feels smooth and balanced in your hands, too!

Enchant Your Opponents. Experience the prismatic beauty of the K9 Rainbow. Carefully hand-carved in highly reflective K9 rainbow glass, the blinding beauty of this die is reminiscent of the Displacer Beast that bends light to create illusions that confuse you. Displaying a different color every time you look at it from a different angle, this glass possesses a hypnotic beauty that can come in handy when you’re in combat. Delicate-looking and transparent yet incredibly durable, this RPG dice is sure to make an impact every time you bring it to a session.

This product is made by a trained professional but due to the nature of natural materials, the item being hand carved and sandblasted please allow for slight variations due to the nature of this product.

Caring for your glass dice:

Just like art, there truly are no two pieces alike and that each set should be treated with love and care. Below are our suggestions to make sure your stones stay in tip-top shape to avoid cracks, chips, and damage to your glass dice:

  • Roll on a padded mat or dice tray with a padded insert. Avoid wooden trays with no padding and glass, wood, and metal tables as this could increase the chance of a chip. Avoid Felt Dice trays that don't have a layer of padding between the felt and wood or plastic, felt is very thin and can be deceptive on how much it protects.
  • Don’t use Dice Towers - Dice towers increase the risk of gemstones becoming damaged. We recommend against using any dice tower with glass dice.
  • Don’t use Dice Cups - Dice cups likewise run an increased risk of damaging your gemstones as the dice are continuously slammed into one another.
  • Nat 1s and low rolls do happen, but we would encourage you not to throw your dice at the wall or anything else to intimidate them. Instead, consider using a dice jail. Additionally, please do not put your die in the microwave and make its friends watch, nothing good will come from this.
  • Store your dice in a container that will keep them from rubbing with other dice. The use of plastic bags to bag dice individually can also help.
  • Roll 1 die at a time, shaking multiple dice, especially of harder materials, will increase the chance of a chip or cracks. Avoid keeping glass dice in a communal rolling field you don't want your friend's Boulder® assaulting your beautiful glass creation.  
  • Do not roll them down your stairs, yes this has happened, so just don't do it. 
  • Don’t try to bank your dice off a tray wall, stones can be tough, but with other stronger objects that don’t give, things will not end up well.
  • Handle with care, like your phone, and don’t drop them on the ground.

Enjoy your dice, the better you take care of these dice the better they will take care of you in durability. These beautiful dice will hold up for years to come with the use of proper care.

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